Miso Soup

For Dashi (Japanese fish stock) makes 4 cups

  • 4 cups water

  • 5-6' konbu (dried kelp)

  • 1 cups dried bonito flakes

*You can find "Dashi packet" at Japanese

grocery store for a quick method to make


For Miso Soup

  • 4 cups dashi

  • ingredients of your choice (tofu, spinach,  seaweeds, spinach, potato, onion and etc)

  • 4-5 Tbsp miso

  • 1 green onion (finely chopped)

How to make:

  1. Soak konbu in water for 30 min. pour konbu dashi into a pot and bring to boil on medium low heat. Right before boiling. discard konbu.

  2. Add dried bonito flakes and let it simmer for 30-60 seconds. Turn off the heat and let let it steep for 10 min. Strain dashi and ready to use

  3. Cook veggies, tofu or anything you like in dashi until they are cooked and turn off the heat.

  4. Put miso into the pot throughly and mix well

  5. Garnish with green onion 

Avocado toast with Hakouya miso Dressing

1 Avocado (half mashed & half chopped)

+ 2 tbs of Hakouya Miso Dressing 

= Yummy breakfast on toast 

Hiyashi Chuka with Hakouya Miso Dressing

Cold egg noodle with veggies and proteins

+ 2 tbs of Hakouya Miso Dressing 

= Hot day easy meal! 

Roasted Vegetables with Hakouya Miso Dressing


  1. Toss cut vegetables with olive oil, salt, pepper, Italian spices and chopped garlic.

  2. Spread them over baking sheet and roast them for 30 minutes (400F)

  3. Drizzle over them with Hakouya miso dressing before serving

Miso Glazed Fish or Tofu


  4 slices of Fish (Salmon, Cod) or Tofu

  3 TBSP of Miso                                           1 tsp of Sesame Seed

  1½ tsp of Sugar                                         1 tsp of  Soy Sauce

  1 tsp of Sesame Oil                                 


  1. Mix all ingredients except fish/Tofu

  2. Salt and pepper fish/Tofu and grill it in toaster oven about 7-10 min

  3. Spread miso mixture on the fish/Tofu and grill another 3-4 min

Potato salad with Hakouya Miso Dressing


Mix cooked potatoes, chopped red onion and fried bacon (Cut into small pieces) together with Hakouya Miso Dressing and garnish with green onion

Miso Cumin Hummus


  1 TBSP of Miso                                         3 TBSP of Olive Oil

  1 tsp of Ground Cumin                           1 can Garbanzo Beans (14.5oz)

  1 Clove of Garlic                                          Salt and Pepper


  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor

  2. Blend until smooth, adding the reserved bean liquid or water to obtain desired consistency

Egg Salad Sandwich with Hakouya miso Dressing

3 Chopped hard boiled eggs 

+ 4tbs of Hakouya Miso Dressing 

= Yummy Egg Salad sandwich

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