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Julian Diaz

Our Story

Both of us grew up with the probiotic-rich traditional Japanese diet.    

Masumi grew up in the Japanese countryside on a steady diet of food made from scratch, just like "farm to table," Watching both of her grandmothers prepare the food throughout her childhood. Now she shares their legacy with her son and young granddaughters. 

Masumi started making miso and fermented foods 15 years ago and started teaching probiotic cooking classes in 2016. Soon, her and her son started making miso paste and Hakouya Miso Dressing at El Pajaro CDC Commercial Kitchen in Watsonville, California due to popular demand from the community.

We are passionate about spreading the knowledge about the benefits of fermented foods. We aim to make them a staple in your household and make it possible for you and your family to make them at home. 


                                                                                       Julian and Masumi Diaz


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